Get your Iced Coffee looking hipster like it has walked straight out of Brunswick Street, Melbourne.

Who doesn’t like to relax out in the sun on the weekend? Trouble is, perfect weather like that can make us tired and lazy. 

The solution? PODiSTA Iced Coffee pods of course! But today, were going to show you an artistic way of serving the iced coffee with your friends and family. 

Brew one Iced Coffee pod per person and allow the contents to cool to room temperature. 

Once cool, divide the contents into ice cube containers and place the freezer try in the freezer. 

Once frozen, place all iced coffee ice cubes into a fancy jug or milk bottle and fill with cold milk (one glass per iced coffee ice cube shot). 


Tags: iced coffee, podista, summer
Last update: Jan 04, 2016

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